ITS Policies

Smart Classroom Usage Policy

As of March 31st, 2009 ITS has implemented a new policy on Smart Classroom Usage. The primary purpose of SDSU Smart Classrooms is to support instruction in regularly scheduled SDSU courses. Because of the investment in hardware and software, this policy provides conditions under which other uses of Smart Classrooms may be considered. Anyone may request to use an SDSU Smart Classroom facility, including SDSU campus community members and non campus users. SDSU Smart Classroom facilities are available for use at any time including evenings, weekends, and holidays, except during final exam weeks and during commencement weekend. Campus community members include SDSU faculty, staff, administrators, students, and recognized SDSU auxiliaries including Aztec Shops, Associated Students, SDSU Research Foundation, or the Campanile Foundation. Non campus users include persons not directly affiliated with SDSU. Any use of SDSU Smart Classrooms, besides regularly scheduled SDSU courses, requires reservation and approval.

For more information and to view the entire policy, please click here.

Production Costs

Materials produced for use by faculty in direct support of instruction will incur minimal, if any, charges. The ITS staff time and the majority of materials will be provided at no cost. When it is necessary to use student labor or more expensive materials, these costs may be charged to the academic department. Non-instructional materials for academic departments will be produced at a minimal charge.

ITS will produce materials for non-academic departments as long as the they are in support of the instructional mission of SDSU. The department will be charged for the full cost of all materials.

The production of items for a program that is funded with other than State monies, such as grants, will be billed for full labor and materials costs. These costs can be significant and should be determined prior to the beginning of a project.

Ownership Policy

When materials are prepared for faculty by Instructional Technology Services they are considered to have "Partial Institutional Support" and are covered by the SDSU Intellectual Property Policy. Assignment of copyright, reimbursement for the use of State resources and distribution of revenues generated by these materials are governed by the provisions of this policy. When the finished copy is released to the department, the department assumes responsibility for inventory and storage of the finished product.

An instructor who is the primary author of materials produced by Instructional Technology Services may elect to reserve copyright privileges through payment of all labor, materials and other direct expenses associated with the development and production of the materials.

An instructor who requests instructional or research materials produced by Instructional Technology Services may obtain a personal copy of such materials by payment of the labor and materials costs involved in reproducing the copy.

Copyright Policy

Instructional Technology Services and San Diego State University observe all U.S. and international copyright laws. Here are some links to copyright information that we hope you find helpful: