Stan Greene

Stan Greene

Learning Environments

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Stan Greene is an Instructional Support Technician. He has been working at ITS SDSU since 2005.  He has completed his EXTRON training, which has enhanced his understanding of the Classroom Podium to a great extent. He has learned a lot about the technical side to the Classroom Podium. He oversees the front counter in where he assists professors with classroom problems and checkout items.

Computer certificate – IT school of business
A.A. Information Systems – Degree San Diego City College
B.A. Information Systems – Coleman College
B.A. Spanish – San Diego State University

Fun Fact
Before his life at ITS, Stan lived in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico for three and a half years. He worked at a small Bi-Lingual school in where he maintained the computers. He was living the life making $3.00 dollars an hour. He traveled from Oaxaca to the state Guerrero and Veracruz by bus. In southern Mexico, he discovered hominy, dried corn. He had hominy in the United States, but he did not like it. It was in Oaxaca where he had his first bowl of red pozole. Hominy is the main ingredient in pozole. He tasted the white and the green pozole. He loves the green pozole and continues to search for it in the United States.



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