Poll Everywhere Pilot

Instructional Technology Services (ITS) supports a handful of campus approved software. Unified software helps faculty get support from SDSU staff as well as reducing the cost and confusion on students' part. In addition, campus approved software goes through SDSU security and accessibility checks. 

ITS will evaluate whether the supported software is still meeting the needs of faculty and students in the form of instructional pilots. 

Spring 2022

The pandemic over the past nearly two years has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate the tools we promote and support with the goal of providing faculty and students with a more seamless and engaging learning experience, while also limiting costs to students wherever possible. Additionally, the pandemic accelerated changes already underway in our usage patterns, including a significant decline in the use of tools that require purpose-built hardware such as  iClicker handhelds and Parscore scanners. There has been increased demand and adoption of tools that drive student engagement in a more flexible manner, such as online quizzing/polling and flexible exam grading. 

About Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere seamlessly engages audiences across hybrid workspaces through live online and in-person polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds, and more. Additionally there is a Canvas integration to easily import student rosters, export student grades, embed activities and, most of all, engage audiences.

Currently ITS supports iClicker Cloud.. iClicker is offered by publisher Macmillan and was chosen as the campus-wide classroom response system in 2011. The hardware and system requirements will vary depending on the version of iClicker the faculty chooses.. Students may have to purchase hand-held devices or semesterly software subscriptions depending on faculty choices.  Faculty can sync rosters and grades with the Learning Management system using iClicker built-in tools. 

This pilot has the potential to eliminate direct-to-student costs, and offer a more flexible, user-friendly experience. In addition, with a site license, Poll Everywhere would be available for non-instructional use as well.

Getting Started & FAQ

Getting started is as easy as creating a new item within a module in Canvas using the “Poll Everywhere” External Tool. To eliminate confusion, you shouldn’t share this item with students or show Poll Everywhere in the course menu. Then login to polleverywhere.com and begin creating your polling questions which are called “activities” in Poll Everywhere. The Poll Everywhere Support Center covers pretty much anything that you might need to know. See the FAQ below for most commonly asked questions.

  • How do I get started step by step? Full instructions with pictures are available from Poll Everywhere.
  • What kinds of activities (questions) can I create? You can create Word clouds, Multiple choice questions, Open-ended questions, Clickable image questions, Ranking questions, Q&A, Surveys and Competitions
  • How do I “create an activity?” Poll Everywhere provides instructions for creating various activities including the most commonly used Multiple Choice and Clickable Image - the only two activities that accrue points.
  • How do I present my questions/activities? Poll Everywhere flexibility allows you to present from the web or present from slideware such as Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides.
  • How do I view and upload grades to Canvas? Poll Everywhere allows you to create several reports. Among them is the Gradebook report which creates a new column in Canvas and brings in student grades.
  • How do students participate? Students will receive a notification to register in Poll Everywhere. They can respond on the web by going to polleverywhere.com, using the Poll Everywhere mobile app, or even texting (limited to certain question types). The Student Participation page provides instructions for students.