Upload Blackboard Grades into WebPortal? Yes, it’s possible!

Blackboard is no longer supported at SDSU. Please see the directions uploading grades from Canvas to WebPortal

Got grading?  ITS, Enrollment Services, and the Registrar created a tool in early 2016 to make your end-of-semester grading easier. This process will permit you to upload your grades from Blackboard into the SDSU WebPortal simply and painlessly.  No more endless drop-down menus and fewer errors that inevitably result from the manual entry of grades.

This new functionality works best for courses with around 50 or more students. Since there are several steps involved, you will need to decide if the extra work is worth it. Participants in a pilot project to test out this tool reported more than a 90% reduction in the time it took them to input final course grades. If you are not comfortable creating columns in Blackboard Grade Center or using Excel files, you can drop into the Virtual FIT Center and we can assist you.

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Please note:

  • This process will ONLY work with a CSV file downloaded from Blackboard using the column name“Course Letter Grade”.
  • It will not work with a CSV file generated in any other way and you cannot open the file once you download it from Blackboard.
  • This tool will return an “ERROR” message for any grade of Incomplete.  Grades of Incomplete must be entered into WebPortal manually and require instructors to complete an Incomplete Agreement in WebPortal.
  • WebPortal will return a formatting error for any Preview or Test Users that are in your Grade Center.

Check out this link for a demonstration of how to use this new tool:  http://bit.ly/1SUHyXG

Blackboard to WebPortal Process

Blackboard Grade Center

1. Create an additional column in the Blackboard Grade Center called “Course Letter Grade” and do ONE of the following:
a. Manually enter letter grades and set primary display to “Text”
b. Upload grades from Excel and set primary display to “Text”
c. Create an additional Calculated Total column and set primary display as “Letter Grade”
2.    Click on “Work Offline” in the upper right corner of the Grade Center window
3.    Scroll down and select “Download”
4.    When a new window opens, in Section 1 choose “Selected Column” and choose “Course Letter Grade” from the drop down menu
5.    In Section 2, Delimiter type = “Comma” and “Submit”
6.    When a new window opens, click on “Download” and SAVE this file to your Desktop or Download area.
Do Not Open the File.  If you do, you will need to redo this step.

Upload the file to WebPortal:

Note: Fields that are uploaded to WebPortal are: Last Name, First Name, Username, Course Letter Grade.

1.    Login to WebPortal
2.    Click on “WebGrades”
3.    Select “Submit Grades” and make sure the semester is correct and click “Go”
4.    Choose your course by clicking the Section Number or Course Title
5.    Upload your saved .csv file (the file will start with “gc_”)
6.    View success message, which includes the number of grades uploaded.
7.    Return to the Gradesheet and review the grades uploaded.

8.    Press “Submit and Finish” below the list of grades to save in WebPortal.

If you make a mistake, it is possible to do a second upload from Blackboard into WebPortal; new grades will overwrite the old grade. Grades can be uploaded as many times as needed before grade submission deadline.

Download and Prepare Canvas Grades for Upload into Blackboard

1. Prepare your gradebook for Final Grade Submission

a) Unmute all muted assignments that you want counted towards the final total
b) Exclude any assignments that you’re not using in the course’s final grades. To exclude an assignment from the course’s final grades, “Edit” the assignment details. Click the “Do not count this assignment toward the final grade” checkbox above to remove points (i.e., 100) from final gradebook calculations

2. Export the Gradebook to Excel
a) Go to Canvas Grades => Actions => Export in the top left corner
b) Save the file to the Desktop

3. Remove Unneeded Columns (there may be many)
a) Open the Excel document you downloaded from Canvas.
b) Verify that the Final Score is correct
c) Delete all columns except SIS User ID and Final Score
d) Delete Row 2 (Points Possible)

4. Save Excel Sheet to the Desktop.
a) File => Save As => Desktop (re-name the file if you like)
b) Save as .CSV (MS-DOS comma delimited)
c) Click to close Excel.

5. Upload Canvas Final Score into Blackboard
a) Go to the Blackboard course
b) Go to Grade Center
c) Click “Work Offline” in the upper right corner of the Grade Center window
d) Scroll down and select “Upload”
6. Click “Browse my Computer” and “Auto” and press “Submit”

This will upload your Canvas final grades into Blackboard. Now you must follow the directions above for uploading from Blackboard to WebPortal.

Please contact us via the methods listed at its.sdsu.edu/support.

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