A Student Research Symposium Experience

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A woman in a dark suit offers me an apple and asks if I’d like to have my photo taken on the red carpet. Bright sunshine bounces around the white concrete courtyard. Students hunch over folders, silently practicing speeches like goldfish.  I collect my badge and programme and pick up snippets of excited conversation.  Everyone seems exhilarated, many, like me, will be presenting their academic findings for the first time.

In Montezuma hall, rows of keen, sharply dressed students solicit audiences to showcase their work.  They present on everything from appropriate gift giving in China to the behavior of supernovae. Their posters are dense, 1000s of hours of research crammed onto one piece of paper.

My baby Una comes along as a mascot and with the help of Antonio, Boun and Kao we set up the kit. We build the portable Learning Glass and prepare the camera whilst trying to keep Una quiet. I present on students’ positive attitudes towards the learning glass videos. How the invention is a great tool for communication and engagement and appeals to a variety learning styles.

A moderator flashes a time card in my eyeline, inducing mild waves of panic.  I look up and am heartened to see my team have slipped in to support me.  The question and answer session is lively and the topic seems to spark genuine interest.  As the moderator calls time, I see Kao swaying baby Una at the back of the room, he’s wearing a string of bright yellow teething beads, which makes me smile.  The SRS was a great experience. Thanks to ITS and the fantastic support!

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