Video Production

Enhance learning and add value to your instruction with original video content

The ITS Video Production team can bring your instructional material to life. We produce creative content that connects with students, reinforces reading and lecture material, and enhances learning experiences. Our videos appeal to diverse learning styles whilst promoting instructor effectiveness.

Some services ITS Video Production provides: Educational videos (single or series) to support instruction; video for internet streaming; research documentation; recording of guest speakers and/or lecture series; “how to” tutorials.

Features and Benefits

  • ITS Video Production produces original and engaging instructional videos and field research documentation.
  • We work with faculty to create bespoke videos on-location and in our studio (in Adams Humanities 1110).
  • Live streaming and video sharing through Canvas, Mediasite or YouTube.

Getting Started Questions

How do I request a video? – Please fill out our Video Request Form. One of our producers will contact you shortly.

What does it cost? – Videos that are produced to directly support instruction are free of charge. ITS is required to charge for the production of non-instructional videos and videos that support Foundation-funded research. The cost of the production will depend upon the length and amount of time required to complete the project. It is advised that you consult with ITS for video production services before submitting research grants where video content will be requested.

How long will it take to produce my video? – We work on a case-by-case basis. Please send us your requests as far in advance as possible and we will respond to you with an estimated production schedule.

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