Assessment Tools

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Use face-to-face or online assessment tools and surveys to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students.

ITS offers an array of assessment tools such as Scantron optical mark readers, ParScore test scoring software, Audience Response System (i>clickers), online Canvas quizzes, Surveys, Assignments, Respondus, and more!

Features and Benefits

  • ITS offers many assessment tools that allow for easy re-grading such as “throwing out” a poor question or giving extra-credit on a particular question.
  • Many ITS assessment tools allow you to check the reliability of each question using powerful item analysis features.
  • Canvas quizzes allow you to obtain private feedback from your students at anytime during the course, allowing you to consider feedback and make changes to the course in progress.

For more information on testing, you may also want to check out our Tips for Authentic Testing page.

Getting Started Questions

How do I create a test or survey in Canvas? – View the video tutorial or visit the ITS Faculty Instructional Technology Center in Adams Humanities 1109.

How do I get started using ParScore tests or Scantron tests?  Parscore machines are available via reservation or walk-in. However, we recommend that you make a reservation, especially during midterms and final exam week. On your first visit, a consultant will explain how to use ParScore and offer tips for getting the best results. Visit the ITS Faculty Instructional Technology Center in Adams Humanities 1109 or call 594-6348. You can also book an appointment online at

How can I get started with the iClicker audience response system? – Visit the audience response system page or stop by to the ITS Faculty Instructional Technology Center (Adams Humanities 1109) or visit us virtually in the virtual fit center.