Audience Response System

Instructional Technology Services supports the use of iClicker audience response systems at SDSU to engage students who might not normally participate in class and to conduct knowledge checks which may inform classroom instruction. iClicker is the primary audience response system used at SDSU and is the only solution supported by ITS.

Why iClicker?

More than just an attendance checker, iClicker can be used for gathering opinions, conversation starters, anonymous polling and other active learning. Students who are reluctant to raise their hand or participate in class are provided with an alternative means of having a voice. Looking for interesting ways to use clickers? Try this activity resource guide.

NOTE: If you are only interested in Attendance, iClicker offers a free solution.

iClicker also provides students with the ability to review your questions, if you allow it, and to create their own study guides by bookmarking questions they got wrong.


  • iClicker generates reports showing how students answered each question.
  • iClicker scores can be exported to Excel for additional manual grade manipulation.
  • iClicker student app provides a history of attendance and scores earned throughout the semester.
  • iClicker scores can be easily uploaded into the Canvas gradebook.

Getting Started

ITS recommends using the iClicker instructor website or the student website to set up your account depending on your role as SDSU even if you plan to use handheld iClicker devices.

Faculty: No extra equipment is required if you use iClicker Cloud without handheld remote devices.*

Students: Can use their wi-fi or cellular service smartphones, tablets, or laptops to respond to iClicker polling questions on the student app or the website. 

If students are required to use a handheld remote, they need to set up a FREE iClicker mobile account and register their handheld remotes in their iClicker student app profile. The free account is only for handheld remotes and will not let students respond with a mobile device.

Quick Steps


  1. Create an account if you don’t already have one using app or website (website has settings and integration)
  2. Create a course for each course using iClicker
  3. Open Settings for each course in the instructor website and select “Devices” to be used, “Polling” and scoring options and most important “Integrate” with Canvas. You can sync your roster after you integrate or any time you want.
  4. You are now ready to run a polling session in class.
  5. Update your syllabus to let your students know why you are using iClickers, how to register their iClicker and how to participate in your class. We have created sample syllabus language which you can add to your syllabus.

NOTE: If you are using iClicker handheld devices, instructors will need to get a base reciever from iClicker in order to receive the polling answers from student handheld devices. If you’ve made the decision to adopt handheld iClickers for your class, please notify the bookstore every semester so that they order enough devices for students to purchase.


  1. If you don’t already have an iClicker student account, you should create one. You can create one on the iClicker student website or using the downloadable student app.
  2. Make sure to use your SDSUid for email and your REDID for StudentID.
  3. You can use your handheld iClicker device by using the “Register Remote” setup in your iClicker Profile.
  4. The iClicker Student account is FREE if you are not using the app or website to respond to questions in class. In other words, only using your handheld device.
  5. Short video shows you how to set it up.

Still Need Help?

The iClicker Knowledge Base is a searchable resource providing the most up to date information for instructors and students. In addition, iClicker offers a variety of help resources including remote training.

Faculty Support:

Additional iClicker Resources

iClicker Support includes a Knowledge Base and Contact Form
iClicker FAQ

SDSU iClicker Resources:

Faculty Syllabus Language
SDSU Faculty/Student iClicker Cheat Sheet
SDSU iClicker Activity Guide

iClicker Resources

SDSU iClicker Resources:

Faculty Getting Started with iClicker
Faculty Syllabus Language
SDSU Faculty/Student iClicker Cheat Sheet
SDSU iClicker Activity Guide


iClicker Knowledge Base
iClicker FAQ
iClicker Training Webinar
iClicker On-Demand Webinars
iClicker Customer Support Form


Spring and Fall
Faculty Support: M-Th: 8am – 5:30pm, Fri: 8am-4:30pm
Classroom Support: M-Th: 7:30am – 9:40pm, Fri: 7:30am-4pm

Summer and Breaks
Faculty Support: 8am – 4:30pm daily
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