Mediasite video being played at SDSU
Set your microphone, start the recording, then at the end of class, simply stop and submit with a click. In less than 24 hours, a movie with your narration, slides, and visuals is ready to post to Canvas for your students to review.

ITS offers Capture tools in both lecture halls and instructor devices. Additionally, Mediasite automated capture is available in select large lecture halls (see list below) and can be requested via the ServiceNow Catalog.

Screen Capture with Zoom

Zoom enables faculty and students to easily produce screen capture videos, including the on-screen content (i.e. Powerpoint, etc.), built-in or external microphone audio, and webcam video, as outlined in the following short (1 min. 43 sec.) video:

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio provide an array of screen capture, video hosting, and interactive video functionality, including in-video quizzing and threaded discussions. Canvas Studio is available within the Canvas interface at Canvas Studio training guides are available on the Canvas Studio Guide website.

TechSmith Camtasia Video Editor

TechSmith Camtasia is available to all SDSU faculty and staff. To obtain a license, please complete the ITUS Software Request Form. Training videos are available on the Camtasia Tutorials website.

My Mediasite Account

To access Mediasite, please visit and sign in with your SDSUid.

Mediasite Automated Capture

Mediasite Automated Capture is available in the following rooms:

  • A412
  • AH2108
  • AH3177
  • AL105
  • AL201
  • BT161
  • COM105
  • COM207
  • E201
  • E328
  • ENS280
  • FAC1014
  • GMCS301
  • GMCS310
  • GMCS333
  • HH130
  • HH214
  • HH221
  • HT140
  • HT183
  • LH343
  • LH345
  • LSS248
  • NE60
  • OP201
  • OP220
  • OP230
  • P144
  • P148
  • P244
  • PG153
  • PG242
  • PS130
  • PSFA310
  • PSFA325
  • PSFA350
  • SHW11
  • SHW12
  • SSE1401
  • SSW1500

How it works:

For more information on how the Mediasite system captures your course session and delivers the recording to your students, please watch our Introduction to Mediasite Video. Please read this shared Google Doc for our recommended Mediasite syllabus language.

Features and Benefits

  • Everything you say and show in class is captured and posted to Canvas for students to review at their own pace.
  • You teach your class as always, Mediasite captures and produces the finished video for you.
  • Record content for students to listen outside of class, and free up classroom time for discussion.

Getting Started Questions

If I provide Capture recordings, will my students still come to class? –  The authors of an article published in the Australian Journal of Educational Technology investigating the impact of recorded lectures on student experience and attendance determined “this study does not support anecdotal concerns that Generation Y students will not attend lectures if they are provided online.”

How can I incentivize students to attend and participate in face-to-face class meetings? –  The use of the Audience Response System increases active learning and provides a way to incentivize student participation via low-stakes, in-class questions and activities.

Where can I get training? – Please contact us through our online support form to request training with Zoom, Camtasia Studio, or Mediasite.

What do students say about Capture? – Hear from a third-year SDSU student in the following video:

Capture Resources

Instructional Technology Services
Adams Humanities, 1st Floor
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Dr.
San Diego, CA 92182-8114