Communicating the Many Transitions of 2020

In a year full of transitions—some planned, others disruptive—Instructional Technology Services relied heavily on our internal and external communication platforms in order to provide timely guidance to the campus community. In addition to our standard communication channels of email, Slack, text message notifications, and frequent website updates, a key element of our successful communication strategy continues to center on providing contextualized custom notifications directly within SDSU’s learning management system (LMS).

In order to accomplish this targeted messaging we utilized the EesySoft platform, which is described by their Amsterdam-based team as a platform to “drive action with inline personalized messages.” EesySoft enabled us to target users based role, activity, and other needs to provide just-in-time training resources, COVID-19 testing guidance, and key timeline milestones during several campus-wide transitions—including our LMS transition from Blackboard to Canvas and student email platform migration from Microsoft Office 365 to Google G Suite.

EesySoft enabled the SDSU Information Technology Division leadership to communicate these mission critical transitions while continuously monitoring unique user views, clicks, likes/dislikes, and comments, which enabled us to follow up with users based on their feedback. EesySoft’s ability to embed video content (shown below) and track user reach and engagement was critical to the effectiveness of the communication.

Welcome to Canvas 2020

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