Faculty in Focus - Arlette Baljon

The ITS Learning Research Studios (LRS) facilitate active learning within the classroom which fosters student engagement and collaboration. AH 1112 is one such LRS where Dr. Arlette Baljon, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, has utilized its collaborative environment to bring to life the concepts of her Modern Physics course. Given the subject matter of such topics as quantum physics and special relativity where it is hard to run a real life experiment, Dr. Baljon must rely on the use of the LRS technology to run video simulations with which the students can interact. Working in small groups they are able to collaborate during these simulations and discuss the complex theories which gives them a much better understanding of them and in turn helps them succeed in their coursework. Each student workstation in the LRS has a built-in computer, laptop connections, and dedicated flat panel display where the groups can work on their individual simulations and run their discussions.

Watch the video below, produced by the ITS Video Production team, to learn more about how Dr. Baljon and her students utilize the LRS space and technology.

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