Introducing the New my.SDSU

December 1, 2022 by Summer McGuckin

my.SDSU is the new and improved Student Information System (SIS) at San Diego State University. Replacing WebPortal, this new system allows SDSU to align with the other CSUs and opens the door for faster reporting.

What can be accessed in my.SDSU?

Students, faculty, and staff can now access financial aid, academic records, class schedules, applications for graduation, and more, all with one login. The new platform also centralizes outstanding tasks, such as financial aid, payments, class registration, and grad submissions. Essentially, all information previously accessible in WebPortal is now available in my.SDSU!

Why the change to my.SDSU?

my.SDSU allows for multi-factor authentication, making it a more secure platform for student, faculty, and staff data. It is also mobile-responsive, aligning with how students are used to accessing information around campus. SDSU is now on the same system as the other 22 CSU campuses, bringing it into compliance with the requirements of the Chancellor’s Office and WASC recommendations. 

Having all financial, academic, and administrative information in one place allows for greater ease of access to important information, ultimately improving the user experience.

Where do I go for help with my.SDSU?

Check out the updated selection of my.SDSU training guides, complete with topics like how to clear the cache or where to go for registration information. 

For general questions about my.SDSU, feel free to reach out to any of the designed Change Ambassadors. These are active members of the campus community who share updates about the project and learning opportunities.