Monty Awards 2017

With more than 280,000 graduates, we’re delighted that our films were shared with San Diego State University community via the alumni newsletter this week!

The highlight of ITS Learning Media’s year is always producing the “Monty” faculty award video tributes.  All summer we are lucky enough to get to know and celebrate the rich and vibrant variety of scholars we have here on campus.  It is an honor to shadow seven (one from each college) of the the faculty around for a bit, to get to know them, their colleagues and students, and what drives them in their work.

Our production team is made up of students and producers who collaborate with a wide network of San Diego’s creative community.  This year we filmed in Tijuana, in a pointy blue box and at a soup kitchen for the homeless that is run by new immigrants to the United States.  On a micro-budget we attracted huge talent.  This year’s films were narrated by professor and director Peter Larlham, (or ‘the voice of God’ as he is known around these parts), and the music was originally composed by the fabulously talented Jerik Centeno .  Our newest staff member, and recent SDSU film graduate Ethan Garcia, worked tirelessly with the team – always with a creative eye for detail and vast reserves of patience to get the job done well, and on time. I would love to thank them for all they brought to the project.  We hope the films capture a spark of the Monty winners’ brilliance, and inspire others as they have done us.

Monty Awards

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