Smart Classroom Upgrades – Summer 2016

Smart Classroom

Before and after photos of a summer 2015 upgrade.

Each summer, ITS conducts a major overhaul of some of our learning spaces, also known as smart classrooms. Technology upgrades include, but are not limited to, newer and brighter projectors, updated sound systems, faster instructor computers, and lecture capture systems. We also strive to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act as we redesign these classrooms. In addition, these classrooms will receive facilities upgrades including fresh paint, new student desks, and new flooring for an all around improvement in environment and functionality. This summer, the following 12 classrooms are slated to be refreshed:

  • A 412
  • AH 2108
  • AL 201
  • E 423B
  • ENS 280
  • GMCS 301
  • LSN 111
  • NE 60
  • P 145
  • P 148
  • WC 201
  • WC 230

Below are some highlights of this summer’s classroom refresh project.

Laser Projectors

The first laser projectors on campus will be installed in AL 201 and A 412. Laser projectors provide richer, truer color than standard projectors which is extremely beneficial to courses such as Art and Multimedia where color accuracy is important. Additionally, laser projectors require much less maintenance compared to standard projectors, and with no lamps to replace this will minimize downtime in these rooms.

Lecture Capture

Three of these learning spaces (AL 201, GMCS 301, NE 60) will become lecture capture ready using Mediasite technology. For faculty who want to leverage this capacity, thanks to the newly installed cameras and AV systems, everything the instructor says and shows in class will be captured and posted to Blackboard for students to review at their own pace, anytime and anywhere they have Internet connectivity. With the addition of these three rooms, that makes a grand total of 12 classrooms on campus equipped with Mediasite lecture capture. For more information on how to get started, please contact the ITS Lecture Capture team at [email protected].

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