Spring 2016 Grade Center Tips

Dear SDSU Faculty and Staff,

As we near the end of the semester and the time to submit student grades, we wanted to send you a few important tips to help you work with the Blackboard Grade Center.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Each recommendation is followed by a link that gives step-by-step procedures and more details.

TIP 1. Upload Blackboard Final Grades from Blackboard to the Web Portal in a few clicks!

TIP 2. Running Total and Running Weighted Total Columns

This Grade Center option can allow total columns to be rendered as “Running Totals” or “Running Weighted Totals.” These give students information regarding the status of their grades in progress during the semester. At the end of the semester, however, it is recommended that you check this option, turn it off, or enter a zero for any past assignment that a student has not completed.

TIP 3. Extra Credit

Please see the link below for steps on how to work with extra credit when NOT weighting grades.

TIP 4. Uploading Student Grades via Parscore or Excel

A column created while uploading grades must have correct options set in order for it to be calculated in the overall total. This is especially important if you use the ParScore grading system.

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