Virtual Tour of SDSU Learning Research Studios

On January 13, 2017 San Diego State University’s Director of Instructional Technology Services (ITS) and Senior Academic Technology Officer, Dr. James P. Frazee, provided a virtual tour of two of SDSU’s new Learning Research Studios for the EDUCAUSE Learning Space Constituent Group and approximately 70 people from around the world tuned-in live. Below is a link to the recording of the virtual tour/webinar:

Learning Research Studios: Background/Context

The ITS Learning Research Studios (LRS) provide innovative learning spaces for faculty to experiment with state-of-the-art instructional technologies and student-centered classroom design. Faculty who teach in the LRS spaces are encouraged to pursue research related to pedagogical innovations and are supported by ITS staff and a cohort of fellow LRS faculty. One of the LRS spaces highlighted on the virtual tour featured a large Learning Glass device situated within an active learning classroom. Learning Glass is new technology for delivering and recording lectures that allows instructors to write notes while maintaining face-to-face contact with students. Essentially, it’s a transparent whiteboard paired with a lecture capture system. This studio is also capable of “one-button” recording to a USB device, or automated recording through an integrated Mediasite capture system. Interested in building your own Learning Glass? During the virtual tour we describe the latest build and buy options available today.

The LRS spaces at SDSU foster effective pedagogy and support initiatives on campus that encourage active learning, pedagogical innovation, and the use of technology to improve student success and time to degree.

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