Zoom Phone Equipment

Please read this criteria before submitting a Zoom Phone Request Form

  1. New Zoom Phone installations are currently only an option for Teleworkers and Telework groups that need a mobile option (texting, call groups, call centers, etc.) OR as an alternative to Orphaned phone lines that need to migrate to a "paid for" service.

  2. The intent is to use softphone only, not deskphones, in this current phase of Zoom Phone deployment. If you can’t function without a deskphone at the present time, then Zoom Phone may not be the right option for you. If there is a campus-wide deployment in the future, then deskphone will be an option.

  3. This current phase of Zoom Phone deployment only includes dialing within the United States and Canada. If you need dialing to countries other than the USA or Canada, then Zoom Phone is not available to you at this time.


In most cases you can continue to use your existing headset. You will want to use a headset if you work in a space where:

  • Environmental noise disrupts calls through your device mic and/or makes it difficult for you to hear.
  • Others in your environment can overhear your callers’ information that should be private.
  • Your computing device does not have a built-in microphone or speaker.

If you currently don't have a headset, we are including a few recommendations below. You can also find additional information regarding headset options on Zoom's Support Page. The industry offers both wired and wireless headsets. The type of headset you choose to purchase is a personal preference. For more information about purchasing headsets, please reach out to your Department's procurement coordinator.



Handset Telephones

*During the pilot handsets will be provided on a limited basis*

Desktop telephones will be provided to external license holders, if required for business functions. They may not give you the full functionality of the Zoom app.

  • May provide better visibility of lines in use if you manage more than 5 lines.
  • Are a better option for a “hotel” workspace where multiple people use one phone.

These telephones connect via Ethernet with a 1Gb pass-through port. They do not connect to the computer, and are wholly separate. If your location has PoE, they can be powered from that; otherwise you’ll need to also connect them to an electrical plug with an AC adapter.

Poly VVX250

This is the standard desktop offering. Desktop handset with color screen for 1-4 lines.

Poly VVX450

Desktop handset with color screen for 1-12 lines.

Poly VVX D230 Cordless Phone

If business requires mobility up to 165 feet from phone base, cordless phone with color screen for 1-8 lines.

Other Devices

Poly VVX150

Desktop or wall-mount handset with monochrome screen for 1-2 lines. This model is appropriate for a common area phone, such as an unattended lobby, a lab, etc.

Poly Trio C60

Conference phone that lies flat on the table to capture audio from multiple angles. Touchscreen for controls.

Poly OBi302 2-port ATA

Adapter if you have analog phone line devices that need to connect to a Zoom Phone number, such as fax machines, credit card users, or phone equipment for those with hearing impairments. Ports for up to 2 devices per adapter.